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The 7th edition of Neutrino Geoscience international conference will be held in the heart of historic Prague, Czech Republic on 21–23 October, 2019 (Monday–Wednesday).


Geoneutrinos, neutrinos emitted in decays of naturally occurring radionuclides, bring unique and direct information about aspects of the Earth’s composition that are intimately linked to fundamental questions about the Earth’s energy budget and thermal evolution. Geoneutrino research provides a new tool to study the Earth. Measurements by existing experiments estimate our planet’s radiogenic heat production and have begun to constrain compositional models of the silicate Earth.


At the meeting we expect to hear updates on geoneutrino measurement by both the KamLAND and Borexino experiments, to get status reports from SNO+, JUNO, and Jinping, and to continue the needed productive discussions between neutrino physicists and geoscientists in order to advance the great science of geoneutrinos.


We welcome contributions, both talks and poster presentations, on all the relevant broad topics, including physics of neutrinos, neutrino detection and data analysis, geophysical and geochemical models of Earth’s crust, mantle and core, the Earth’s energy budget, and its dynamics and thermal evolution.