Scientific program

  • Updates from geoneutrino detecting experiments KamLAND, Borexino, SNO+, JUNO, Jinping

  • Progress in neutrino physics with focus on geoscientific applications (40K neutrino detection, directional detection, future experiment concepts, …)

  • Geophysical models of Earth’s crust, mantle, and core composition and dynamics

  • Geoneutrino flux prediction models and strategies to deal with their uncertainties

  • Other relevant topics

Confirmed speakers:

Mark Chen (Queen's University)
Sanshiro Enomoto (University of Washington)
Sindhujha Kumaran (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Zhiwei Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Mirko Reguzzoni (Politecnico di Milano)
Bedřich Roskovec (University of California, Irvine)
Ingrida Semenec (Queen's University)
Andrea Serafini (University of Ferrara)
Zhe Wang (Tsinghua University)
Hiroko Watanabe (Tohoku University)
Benda Xu (Tsinghua University)
Chao Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


Timetable will be kept up to date on the Indico site: